Courses for brokers and investment advisers

The Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Firms (BALIF) together with the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC) organize a Saturdays-Sundays training courses for candidates wishing to take exams for brokers and investment consultants.

The training will start on March 16, 2024 under the motto “Business in the Service of Business” and is the result of joint efforts of both professional organizations.

The prices of the training amount to BGN 930 for the courses for investment consultants (80 teaching hours) and BGN 800 for the courses for brokers (66 teaching hours).

The training will start on March 16, 2024 and end on April 28, 2024. It is also planned to conduct, if desired, outside the format of the course, with additional payment, a mock exam on May 11, 2024 and additional classes (exercises), as well as consultations can be held.

Course 2024 for brokers and investment consultants of BALIF and BAAMC will be held provided that 16 or more students are recruited.

The members of BALIF and BAAMC will be able to use discounts from the above fees for certain candidates, and in these cases the price of the courses for investment consultants will be BGN 800, and for brokers – BGN 680.

There is also a discount for former students of BALIF and BAAMC from previous courses of the two associations, and 30% of the respective fees will be paid.

The registration will be done against a fee paid by bank transfer to the following accounts:

1. For the broker course the payment of the fee will be transferred only to the BALIF account:


IBAN: BG23UNCR76301009502300


2. For the course for investment consultants the payment will be made either to the account of BALIF or to the account of BAAMC, as the applicant must check in advance to which account he or she should make the payment, by contacting for more information on 0895799585 or 0877502018, or send an email to:

             a) BALIF account


IBAN: BG23UNCR76301009502300


b) BAAMC account

IBAN: BG89UBBS80021053804910



Fees are paid only by bank transfer. The deadline for payment is the 14th of March 2024. In case the minimum number of students is not recruited, the fees of the candidates who have paid for the course will be refunded to their bank accounts within 5 business days, starting from March 14, 2024.